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It’s here that you celebrate love and romance. At Chateau de Canisy, there is no season for love because love is in the air throughout the year. Experience a life of luxury, elegance and splendour at the best Chateau in France. Make your wedding celebration more special, add that extra charm to your honeymoon and throw a luxurious party amidst beautiful landscape. Chateau de Canisy makes your holidays as mystical and special as you.

Affordable Chateau Rent in France

  • Enter a world of fairy tale, the moment you step in the premises of Chateau de Canisy. In a surrounding dominated by nature, the castle shows you what beauty actually is.
  • Choose from the Canisy Classic, Chateau Superior and Chateau Deluxe suites, designed exclusively to give you the royal feel.
  • Open the windows of your room to get amazing views of rolling hills, turquoise blue lakes and lush greenery colouring the surroundings in myriad hues.
  • Satisfy your appetite in the most delicious manner. A taste which will last for years to come. We come up with authentic and scrumptious delicacies from all over France to serve right in your platter and give you the real taste of France.

You haven’t seen the whole of France if you haven’t seen Chateau’s wine cellar and tasted some of the finest wines of the world. We take you through a journey which defines France’s undying connection with wines and gives you an opportunity to have a sip of wines chosen by the Count Denis de Kergorlay.

If you want to compliment your wedding celebration with a romantic honeymoon at a Chateau accommodation in France, you are welcome to Chateau de Canisy. Give her the best wedding gift by booking your stay at the best Chateau for rent in France and be the reason behind her smile.

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