An Exceptional Historic Place, a Family Estate in privileged surroundings

The Château de Canisy is a remarkable national historic building in the middle of an 800-acre ( 300 hectares) park with ponds, forests and land. It has been in the same family  for a thousand years.

The château is located in Normandy, 45 minutes away from the landing beaches and the Mont Saint Michel , only 30 minutes away from the town of Bayeux and right in the middle of the first horse breeding area in France.

Being listed as one of the seven wonders of the Manche area, the château is among the select few family châteaux in France that are so well preserved. It consists of two main wings built in the 13th and 14th centuries and has more than 50 rooms including a monumental, granite staircase built by architect François Gabriel (the ancestor of Ange Gabriel who was the Versailles architect), a dovecote and medieval towers, several drawing rooms, a music room, two dining rooms, a theatre, a bar, cellars and attics. All the rooms are different and they have all been decorated and renovated in the luminous and elegant style of the 18th century . The silk fabrics and wallpapers have been made after original 18th-century designs and carefully selected to match the authentic and historic character of the place.

The park, which comprises English and French gardens, provides the guests with the opportunity to go for many different and fascinating walks around the ponds to watch the colony of swans that live there, in the vegetable garden, through the woods along the paths leading to a valley and to explore the nature reserve where llamas, alpacas, stags, deer, does, sheep, goats, pigs, peacocks, hens, swans and squirrels roam free.

It is also possible to visit our farm with their beautiful Normande cows and our delicious organic apple cider.


The current château was built on the ruins of a former medieval castle. Several illustrious figures stayed there among whom King Henry IV, the Marshal of Matignon and  famous political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville.


In the 20th century, the château, after having been in the midst of a Second- World-War battlefield, the headquarter of US General Omar Bradley and gave birth again to its tradition of hospitality by welcoming many prestigious guests such as Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger and numerous political leaders of all the countries in America, Asia and Europe  for the Aspen Institute meetings.

Every year, it also hosts American governors, members of the US Congress and military Officials to celebrate DDay. In the past, the chateau has received Empress Crown Princess Masako of Japan, Infanta Elena of Spain and many famous musicians such as Anne Queffelec, Marielle Nordmann and singers such as Joan Baez as well as plenty of talended young musicians.

The Kergorlay family are the descendants of some of William the Conqueror’s companions and their family includes many leading figures whose names have been given to several suites in the château, among whom the Empress Joséphine who was Napoléon’s first wife. One of the ancestors of the Kergorlays was the son in law of famous Charles Carroll of Carrolton who signed the American Declaration of Independence.