Domain Animals

Welcome to the Domain of Château de Canisy, a sanctuary of biodiversity and heritage in Normandy. Discover our three historic farms, witnesses of a rich past, and our commitment to the conservation of Normandy’s endangered species

The Farms of the Domaine

The Domain of Château de Canisy, a historic gem nestled in Normandy, is home to three iconic farms: the Menagerie Farm, the Orangery Farm, and the Valley Farm. These relics of the past are not only registered historical monuments but also shelters for rare Normandy animal species, thus promoting biodiversity and heritage preservation.

Protected Species of the Estate

At the heart of these farms and the Château’s domain, a passionate conservation effort is underway. The castle is fully committed to protecting endangered Normandy breeds. Among them, Cotentin and Crève-Cœur chickens, Fossé goats, black bees, as well as Avranchin and Roussin sheep find refuge in these historically rich lands.

Furthermore, the Domain of Château de Canisy also offers a getaway to the “little Scotland” in the heart of Normandy. The vast pastures are home to a multitude of animal breeds, such as Galloway cows, Rove goats, Angora goats, and Shetland ponies. In addition to preserving these living treasures, the estate’s park offers a unique educational experience, raising awareness among visitors about the importance of conserving biodiversity and agricultural heritage.