Chateau de Canisy

Activities at the hotel

Each guest can enjoy the many possibilities provided by the different reception rooms depending on the time of day or evening and on guests’ wishes: one can share drinks or a meal by the fireplace, give a party, hold a work meeting, read in one of the libraries, see a movie in the theatre, play pool or attend a fancy-dress party. Canisy is also often requested to organize high-quality concerts for its guests in the music room.

For the younger generation and others the chateau is full of surprises with the exploration of secret tunnels, cellars and attics, French and American pool tables, trunks full of costumes, table football tournaments and treasure hunts…

The Chateau also provides the guests with bicycles to explore the park, fishing rods to catch carp in the ponds and everything is available to play cricket or to do archery.

On request, guests can go for enjoyable rides in a sulky or a horse-drawn carriage in the park and can also go riding on their own or take the children to the horse-riding arena and/or on a tour of the nature reserve.

Inside the hotel

Historic Rooms

Read a book in one of the castle’s rooms, near a fire place. Enjoy a fine cognac, whisky, sauternes, or a delicious tea with french cakes, while reading.

Cooking lessons

Learn French cooking with a chef

A Game Room

Many games can be found in a Game Room: Pool, Arcad Games…

Night Club

A night club has been created in the cellars of the Castle.

Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy

In the park

Boating on the lake

Forget time while boating on the castle’s lake.

Horse Riding

Horse riding in the 800-acre park.

To ride a bicycle

To ride a bicycle in the 800-acre park.

Cariole rides

Ask for a cariole ride.


Ask for a fishing rod and take your chance.



It is possible to practice archery at the Castle.


The hotel has a croquet (a traditional french game) lawn.

Ping-Pong, Pétanque…

The hotel has all these games and sports at your disposal.

Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy - Croquet
Chateau de Canisy
Chateau de Canisy