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Press article in the Belgian lifestyle magazine l’Eventail

Article Belle demeure

Discover the history of our Castle in the April issue of the Belgian luxury lifestyle magazine “l’Eventail“, as well as pictures of our incredible interior spaces. You will also learn about the  De Kergorlay family, current owners of the castle, and the wedding of their daughter Marie-Victoire de Kergorlay to Théodore de Moustier.

Virtual tour #2


“The Retour d’ Egypte” bed Look at the bed in the painting which is placed along the wall facing the window, as was the case with the beds at that time. Beds were usually orned with draped muslin curtains. The style was elegant, refined much lighter than the style of beds and canopies of the […]

Virtual tour #1


Follow us for a virtual tour of the castle. We will go back in time together. We will start with this watercolor which contains many clues to discover. This watercolor painted in 1820 which is now in one of the rooms in Château de Canisy represents the interior of the Kergorlay « hôtel particulier » (mansion), located […]