Private tour of Polignac Suite

It is named for the Polignac family, a family which played a prominent role in French history. The Polignac family are friends of our family. The Restoration is a time when members of the Kergorlay family, two brothers, Louis-Gabriel and Florian deKergorlay, were very involved in politics, both becoming Peers of France.

The Polignac Suite is representative of the Restoration period (1815-1830), following the fall of the Empire and preceding theRevolution of 1830.

Among the figures of the Polignac family, we can also mention Yolande Martine Gabrielle from Polastron. Countess then Duchess of Polignac, she was born on September 8, 1749 in Paris and died December 9, 1793 in Vienna. Friend and confidante of Queen Marie-Antoinette, she is one of the most emblematic stars and characters of the royal court during the reign of Louis XVI.